Icktank is the brainchild of Leann Luchinger and Heather Choate Davis. The two met in the MA Theology program at Concordia University, Irvine. As they wrestled with their studies — each earning top marks with wildly different learning styles — they continued to arrive at the same conclusion: if people really understood this stuff they wouldn't have such a hard time believing it.

As experts in communications, Leann and Heather began formulating a list of what they called "loaded words" — church/faith words that have become so heavy-laden with social, political, and doctrinal baggage that they have lost much of their ability to convey grace. From there the list of ideas for books, talks, ministries — even an icktank storefront — just kept on growing.

Listen to Leann and Heather talk about the icktank story in their own words here

Icktank is short for "ichthus think tank."

The ichthus is the classic fish symbol used in early Christianity —a "password" drawn in the sand to identify believers in the culture. Think tanks are a modern creation for the development of ideas that solve real world problems, often of a societal nature.

This blend of the ancient and the visionary is a recurring theme in the icktank approach.